The Reason There Is An Extra Shoelace Hole In Our Shoes

preventing blistersAt some point in your life as you were lacing up your hiking/running shoes, you probably noticed there are two little extra shoelace-sized holes towards the top, one on each side. Most of us have just gone ahead and ignored that extra hole for decades because we didn’t know any better but it turns out that that hole has a really precise function.

As this video explains, by using those holes to create loops and then lacing your shoelaces through those loops, you create an extra level of snugness. It stops your feet from sliding around inside the shoe, which is where a lot of blistering tends to happen. I know for me, my toes always slide to the front with every step and make it really uncomfortable to move after a while, which is one of the things that turned me off from getting more into running. Thanks to this tip, which works surprisingly well, I may just be ready for beach season a little sooner this year!


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