15 Cotton Candy Nail Designs That Are Sweeter Than Sugar

Who doesn’t love a good carnival? Minus the sketchy rides, I love the atmosphere that fairs bring to a city. The bright lights, silly games, and delicious, sugar-filled treats make everyone feel like a kid again, and families build fun memories with each other. Personally, my favorite part of a carnival is the junk food — more specifically, candy apples and cotton candy! I have to have both whenever I step foot onto a fairground, and I enjoy every last bite.

If someone had told me I could get the pretty, colorful look of one of these favorite carnival eats on my nails, I would have done it years ago. I never knew how much fun you could have with a cotton candy manicure! The possibilities are endless and the results are funky and fun. If this is something you would be interested in trying out, keep reading.

1. Glitter Ombré
This look combines two awesome trends into one design: ombré and cotton candy!
cotton candy nails 1

2. Galaxy
Give your candied manicure futuristic flare with this interstellar design.
cotton candy nails 14

3. Birthday Party
Cotton candy makes me think of a celebration, and with that comes bursts of confetti! This is another awesome element to add to your carnival-inspired manicure.
cotton candy nails 13

4. Sweet As Candy
This is another way to mix and match different colors, textures, and accents. To get this look, make sure you head over to the cutepolish YouTube page and check out the step by step tutorial!
cotton candy nails 12

5. Bling
If you prefer glitz and glam over soft pastels, using glitter polish is a great way to achieve the look.
cotton candy nails 11

6. Fluffy Polka
For the perfect, balanced look, combine the texture of cotton candy with fun, soft patterns.
cotton candy nails 10

7. Fuzzy Wuzzy
For anyone who is serious about getting the perfect candy look, you have to check out a product called flocking powder. It actually gives your nails the fluffy texture of cotton candy!
cotton candy nails 9

8. Plain & Simple
I’m always a fan of simpler designs, so this look is definitely a favorite of mine.
cotton candy nails 8

9. Mashup
Take your candy inspiration into overdrive by adding 3-D accents and a variety of patterns!
cotton candy nails 7

10. Candy Love
These hearts are too cute!
cotton candy nails 6

11. Silver Lining
This cotton candy manicure isn’t very traditional in terms of texture or design, but the colors are spot-on.
cotton candy nails 5

12. Pink & Purple
The soft, pastel polish palette used for this design is so pretty!
cotton candy nails 4

13. Marbled
If you are looking for a unique approach to the cotton candy look, creating a marbled manicure is a great option.
cotton candy nails 3

14. Confetti Tips
These sparkly tips would be super easy for anyone to recreate. I love user-friendly ideas.
cotton candy nails 2

15. Carnival Fun
If you literally want images of cotton candy on your nails, why not take them to the next level? Instead of your usual polish, use flocking powder to recreate this adorable design!
cotton candy nails 15

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