Don’t Shop At Costco Again Until You See This First

According to Kyle James, who owns the website Rather Be Shopping, there is a “Costco Price Tag Code” that will actually tell you if you’re getting the best deals. Here is how it works:

Price ending in .99 – The product is full price.

Price ending in .99 – The product is full price. Anytime you see a price ending in 99 cents, you know the product is listed at full price.

Pricing ending in .49 or .97 – A deal decided by the manager.


This is the price that you want to look for. This will usually be the deal the you won’t find again.

Price ending in .79 – A deal set by the manufacturer.


If a price ends in .49 or .79, this a price set by the actual manufacturer. This usually means they are testing out the product at Costco and the price is lower than what Costco normally sell the item for.

Price ending in .00 – The product is about to go.


If a price ends with .00, it means when the item is gone it will be gone for good.

Price tags with an asterisk – It’s discounted and done

Whenever you see an asterisk, it means that the product has been discontinued so it could be the last time that you see that product in the store. Looking for a combination of a .97 and an asterisk means you are getting a last chance best deal on an item.

Download a PDF of Costco price tag codes to print out for the next time to you go shopping at Costco.

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