This Guy Drinks Coke Every Day. Check Out What He Looks Like After A Month…

coke in a month 1

A lot has been and still is said about the dangers of excessive sugar consumption, and there is much criticism of brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi for playing a role in this unhealthy development. But too often, these criticisms are not really supported by action: today these drinks are produced even more, if anything, in a sign of growing demand for them.

George Prior, from LA, decided to start his own campaign against excessive sugar consumption. He carried out an experiment that showed what a sweet tooth can do to our bodies.

His experiment involved drinking ten cans of Coke every day for a month.

coke in a month 2

The result was drastic: George’s bodyweight simply sky-rocketed.

coke in a month 3

coke in a month

coke in a month 4

coke in a month

This is what he looked like by the end of the month:

coke in a month 5

’’I wanted to remind everyone how much sugar they drink each day, and what a harmful impact it has on their health,’’ said George.

coke in a month 6

Here are the amounts of sugar (measured in cubes) in different soft drinks, for your information:

coke in a month 7

coke in a month 8

coke in a month 9

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