Solutions For Hard To Clean Areas In Your Car And At Home

We all have places in our house and car that we avoid cleaning for way too long. It’s not that they are particularly filthy, but cleaning them takes more time than your typical Windex and paper towel job.


1. Detail your car.
cleaning hard areas

You’ll need some extra materials, but it’s far cheaper than taking it to a shop. Goodbye juice box spills and goldfish crumbs, hello clean back seat!

2. Remove the gunk from window ledges.
cleaning hard areas

This one’s easy – sprinkle baking soda onto the gunk, and add just enough vinegar to make it bubble. A Q-tip or old toothbrush and some warm water will finish the job nicely.

3. Clean bacteria from your ice maker.
cleaning hard areas

Many people forget to clean their ice maker, but it’s a spot that can harbor a lot of germs. A steam cleaner is the easiest way to get the job done.

4. Combat laundry odors.
cleaning hard areas

Front load washers are great for efficiency, but they can also get quite stinky. Run bleach through an empty, hot cycle every few weeks, or if it’s really bad, check out this vinegar and baking soda solution.

5. Make your grout sparkle like new.
cleaning hard areas

Simple toilet bowl cleaner and a scrub brush get this job done in no time; however, test a small portion of the floor before going hog-wild, as these products do contain bleach.

6. Remove stains from microfiber couches.
cleaning hard areas

These couches are meant to combat stains, but kids and dogs can leave a lot of wear and tear. Rub down with distilled water, which won’t leave the same dark edges as hard water, then gently brush with a hard bristle.

7. And from laminate counters!
cleaning hard areas

All you need is baking soda and a gentle cloth.

8. Refresh your hair brush.
cleaning hard areas

Cut the hair off your brush, then soak in hot water mixed with baking soda. It should look like new again.

9. Dust car (or air conditioner) vents.
cleaning hard areas

An old makeup or paint brush is a simple way to get the job done.

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