Young Fan With Down Syndrome Meets Maroon 5 And Panics. Adam Levine’s Response Is Perfect…

Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 made a 10-year-old boy’s dream come true when they hung out backstage at their concert in Washington D.C. on Monday night.

Christopher Warner, who has Down Syndrome, is constantly expressing his adoration for the Los Angeles-based rockers — especially Adam — whether he’s singing the band’s music, drawing pictures of the frontman, or dancing to their infectious pop anthems.

His special education teacher Avery Stanert at West Friendship Elementary School decided to create a YouTube video collage (see bottom of post) of Christopher gushing over his favorite boy band, which went viral and was picked up by Hot 99.5’s The Kane Show.

Kane then hooked up the superfan with backstage passes where he got to see his idol, but when Christopher finally met Adam face-to-face, he “had a panic attack” and curled up on the floor by his mother.

Rather than trying to coax the superfan into standing on his feet for a group photo, Adam and the band joined him on the floor for a photo.

Adam Levine

Not only did Christopher walk away with a few snapshots from the unique meet-and-greet, he was gifted with a guitar pick from Adam and drumsticks from drummer Matt Flynn.

“It’s always cool to make that connection with a listener and see his dream being made and meeting Adam Levine,” Kane Show intern John told Fox 5 News. “It’s cool being a part of that and being able to watch back and say, ‘Wow, we actually made a difference in somebody’s life today.’”

Here’s the video that set it all in motion:

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