25 Of The Most Breathtaking Wedding Photos From 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we can confidently say that this has been an amazing year for wedding photography.

We’ve scoured wedding blogs, Pinterest and reached out to talented photographers across the country and around the world to compile the very best wedding photos of 2014. Below are 25 of our favorites.

  • Lindsay Stark
  • Ryan Brenizer Photography
  • Vesic Photography
  • Love Like Weddings
  • Maggie Winters
  • Szymon Nykiel/LMFOTO.PL
  • Natalie Schram/Lime Green Photography
  • Phil Chester Photography
  • Matt Montalvo
  • Jose Villa
  • Laura Zastrow Photography
  • Jon Athans Photography
  • Daniel Diaz
  • Kevin Weinstein Photography
  • Nathan Welton Photography
  • James Simmons Photography
  • Shari + Mike Photographers
  • JoPhoto
  • Shannon Vandivier/Captivating Weddings
  • JLB Wedding
  • Del Sol Photography
  • Clane Gessel Photography
  • Katie Stoops Photography
  • Theilen Photography


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