16 Awesome Nail Designs Involving A Bow That Are Perfect For All Seasons.

bow nail manicures

Give yourself the best gift of all: some self-care! These super cute bow nail manicures provide the perfect opportunity. So sit back, relax, and let your imagination run wild! These are just some of the endless ways to deck out your nails and wave boring goodbye!

1. Black bow accent

With such a bold color, one bow is all that’s really needed for the desired effect.
bow nail manicures 1

2. Subtle bows and polka dots

There is no cuter combo than bows and polka dots! This is the perfect manicure for that fun girl’s night out you keep thinking about!
bow nail manicures 2

3. Hot pink bling

These might just be my favorite! The little gem accents and silver nails are the perfect finish to this masterpiece mani.
bow nail manicures 14

4. Red and wrapped

These are simply stunning. The Christmas red, the big, 3D bow, what more could one want when going for a flashy look?
bow nail manicures 4

5. Mix-matched and all over

Sometimes, you just can’t choose! This is the manicure for those times.
bow nail manicures 11

6. Pink with bow accent

I. Love. This. Look. A big sparkly bow, some intricate detail, and then just solid pink. So. Classy.
bow nail manicures 6

7. Pastel purple and polka dots

Another super cute mani! If purple is your passion, these nails are your fashion!
bow nail manicures 7

8. Christmas wonderland

These nails are softer-looking than some of the edgier designs I’ve featured. Here, the bow is made into an accent on a present, which is simply awesome.
bow nail manicures 8