15 Innovative And Color Block Trends To Rock Your Nails

Color blocking is one of my all-time favorite trends, but I find it hard to incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. When I see color blocking in magazines, the models look fierce, confident, and like no one would stare at them for wearing a magenta and orange sweater in public. When I try, I look like a long-lost Muppets character. Go figure.

The one way everyone can successfully pull off color blocking? Your nails. These 15 color block manis are bold, bright, and will make all your fashion fantasies come true. Whether you like mixing vibrant shades, or opt for soft pastels, there’s a color block design for every style. Take a look at these color block manis that will make you want to strut your stuff on a catwalk.

1. Playful pink

This is the classic color block design: three bold shades broken up with a distinctive white line. Try this design with any of your favorite colors.
block design nails 1

2. Color blocking works with neutrals too!

If you aren’t crazy about bright colors, try using a more neutral palette. The geometric design will look sophisticated and modern.
block design nails 2

3. Negative space mani

A negative space mani is a trendy way to try color blocking. Use asymmetrical lines and play with the placement of polish.
block design nails 3

4. Pretty pastels

I love how just the corner of each nail is painted in peach. It’s so unexpected and cute! If you’re crazy about pastels, you’ll want to take a look at #7.
block design nails 4

5. Add some glam with metallics

Mixing metallics and matte colors is a great way to make your color block mani stand out! If you love this look, check out #11 for another metallic color block creation (hint: it has silver in it).
block design nails 5

6. Put a bow on it

I love the placement of this nail decal! It really defines the two different color sections.
block design nails 6

7. The reversed French mani

Contrast white polish with colorful pastels to create this look. I love the metallic trim accent, too.
block design nails 7

8. Harlequin nails

The triangular shape of this color blocking pattern reminds me of the traditional harlequin pattern. Use tape to achieve clean lines with your own geometric design.
block design nails 8

9. Bright and bold

Color blocking is one of the few trends where you can combine as many bright colors as you want. The use of a black accent nail helps make this design pop. If you’re all about the crazy kaleidoscope colors, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at #14.
block design nails 9

10. Line work it

This looks really complicated, but all you need is some metallic striping tape to create the lines. Then, just change it up between stripes, triangles, and window pane patterns.
block design nails 10

11. Silver crescent

This turquoise is already gorgeous, but just a stripe of silver polish really makes a statement.
block design nails 11

12. Play with texture

Color block manis are typically done with solid, matte colors, but I adore the look of this marbled polish with solid black. It’s an easy way to add texture to your mani.
block design nails 12

13. Fuschia on fire

Pairing two bright shades that are almost in the same color family makes for a powerful manicure. I can’t get enough of these colors!
block design nails 13

14. All the colors

This is another example of how to mix a number of unexpected shades together. This nail artist even opted for a metallic blue to give this mani some shine.
block design nails 14

15. Understated pastels

I love the subtlety of this design, and it’s perfect for spring!
block design nails 15


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