Three Ways To Style Wrap Dress For Ladies With Big Boobs

The eternal struggle of the wrap dress, in a nutshell, is finding ways to keep it classy without getting all Janet Jackson at Superbowl. The busty woman has always had to be delicate with her chest, but that doesn’t mean she can’t look good.

big boobs

Here are three ways to keep it classy, sourced straight from real-life busty ladies.


big boobs

So, you want the v-neckline right? Well, not exactly how most people think. For example: Forget pinning your top two sides together above chest level to form a V. Instead, The best way to wear a wrap dress is by pulling the fabric tight and pinning it below the bust—ideally near where it ties at your waist so that you don’t get any unwanted stretching or pulling that results in potential tearing.


big boobs

You can save your outfit with a white T-shirt as long as it has spaghetti straps or sleeveless. You can get a great wrap dress without having to worry about exposure with this style tip (defined chest, cinched waist, chic street cred). Plus, it’s very trendy.


big boobs

The lacy bralette is the sexiest trick that still manages to keep things PG-13. It can be a little bit tricky in person to give off just enough sexy without going too far. The lacy yet supportive bras are specially made for women who wear a DD-F cup size to give them the sassiness of a delicate bra with more coverage and support. The lace will make it look intentional and not at all accidental.

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