47 Easy Backyard Makeover Tips

Looking for some weekend projects to bring that backyard to life? Here are some great ideas….

1. Cover the springs of your trampoline with sliced up pool noodles as an extra safety precaution.


2. Save your pinecones for bedding, which will keep pups and cats out of your plants.


3. This brilliant kit lets you create a trellis in any shape that you want.


Perfect for your garden graffiti wall. Get it here for $24.50.

4. Use an Ikea curtain system as an impromptu shade during the summer.


Attach one side to the house and the other side to a pole or tree, then slide the curtains across for shade.

5. Paint your cinderblocks and use them as an outdoor coffee table or flower box.



6. With a few long pieces of wood, you can also use cinder blocks to create an impromptu couch.


See how they did this here.

7. Use latex floor paint to color cement tiles on an outdoor patio.


Get more info about how they did this here.

8. Repurpose an old chandelier as a bird feeder.


9. Rejuvenate and brighten your solar lights with clear nail polish.

Flickr: kriegsman

Your solar lights will likely get weathered and cloudy over time. Read more about it here.

10. Spray paint pebbles with glow-in-the-dark paint to light a path at night.



Or you can buy them at a nickel apiece here.