5 Awesome Back Exercises You Can Do Even In The Office

back exercise

In a typical working week, people spend the bulk of their day sitting at their desks. And while working on the computer may sound like the most relaxed job in the world, it’s quite the contrary, in fact. It’s very tough on your body, especially on your back. Needless to say, the health of your spine is the single most important factor in determining your overall health and longevity.

That is why we here at Bright Side have gathered together a list of some of the most simple but effective exercises for your back that can be done anywhere — even in your office. All you need to start exercising is a wall!

1. The neck and head

Stand against a wall and press your back into it, starting from your lower spine. Press your tailbone into the wall first, then curve your upper back, so that it doesn’t touch the wall. Slowly roll your back over the wall. Bend your neck forward and stretch the top of your head toward the ceiling as if a string were pulling you upward. Don’t bring your chin too close to your collar bone. You should feel a slight stretch in the neck during this exercise.

2. The upper spine

Stand next to a wall with your arms along your sides and palms facing your body. Slowly bring your elbows backward until they touch the wall. Don’t allow your shoulders to sag forward or the backs of your arms to touch the wall. Repeat the exercise several times.

3. Shoulders

Press your back against the wall. Slowly pull your left shoulder away from the wall, pressing your shoulder blade into the wall. Repeat for the right shoulder.

4. Lumbosacral region of the spine

Press your back against the wall. Slide your spine down the wall by slightly bending your knees. Push your lower back into the wall by bending your back and tightening your stomach muscles. Now, slowly straighten one leg at a time, making sure that your lower back is pressed tightly into the wall. To feel more of a stretch, while straightening your leg, place your hands on your hips and press down slightly. Note: if you feel pain or discomfort in your lower back, stop doing this exercise.

5. The tailbone

Stand leaning with your back against a wall and your feet about 35-40 cm away from the wall. Slowly start pressing your buttocks against the wall bending your knees to the extent that this is comfortable. Your lower back should be pressed into the wall and you shouldn’t feel any discomfort while doing this exercise. Repeat the exercise several times.


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