With Just a Touch of Make Up, These Astonishing Transformations Happened…

When expertly applied, makeup can completely transform how a person looks. There are countless YouTube channels and Instagram accounts dedicated to showing people just how amazing makeup can make you look and how to apply it just so…

These people, however, have taken their transformations to completely new (and hilarious) levels. Check it out, You won’t believe some of these transformations. For obvious reasons.

1.) Want to look like Loki? EASY.

2.) What a delicious transformation!

3.) BOOM. Drake’d.

4.) I can’t believe my eyes!

5.) Rut roh.

6.) LOL. Love it.

7.) YES. Work it!

8.) Anyone can be Brad Pitt. This is proof.

9.) You know, I can kind of see the resemblance.

10.) Jafar, you evil! Oh wait! That’s not Jafar. WHEW.

11.) It had to be done.


13.) Now we know her secret.

14.) Hey, Arnold! We hacked your BFF.

15.) Potato Harvey.

16.) … … okay that one is pretty good.

17.) YASS.

18.) Becoming Hercules.

Source: Viral Nova

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