10 Insane Attacks By Giant Anacondas Caught On Camera

Humanity has always hunted animals in order to sustain ourselves for survival, but every once in a while we come across some beasts that know how to fight back.

The massive anaconda is one of those creatures, and to this day if you ever have the misfortune of coming across one that’s pissed off you could potentially lose your life. The green anacondas can grow to be around 30 feet long and can weigh anywhere around 550lbs, and it’s basically all muscle – a terrifying opponent for an unarmed person.

In order to capture their prey the anaconda will sink their fangs into their victim’s flesh to gain a firm grip, and in seconds the rest of their body will coil and constrict. They’re not something you can easily fight against (especially when they’ve got you). In the video below you’re about to see ten of the most insane anaconda attacks ever recorded, would you survive an encounter like that?



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