Do You Enjoy Alcohol? You’re Missing Out If You Don’t Own These Awesome Products

Drinking is fun.  But don’t you wish it could be more convenient?  Don’t you wish there were ways around all those pesky places where it “isn’t allowed?”  Well, you are about to witness complete genius, in the form of 17 products to assist with all that.  You’re missing out if you don’t own these…

1. One-Handed Bottle Opener

One-Handed Bottle Opener

Life’s too short to use both hands.

2. Remote-Controlled Rolling Cooler

Remote-Controlled Rolling Cooler

Because walking is haaaaaard.

3. Combination Bottle Lock

Combination Bottle Lock

For guarding the good stuff against prying roommates / children.

4. Wine Sippy Cup


Because grown-ups spill too.

5. Bottle Opener Phone Case

Bottle Opener Phone Case

For on-the-go drinking.

6. Magnetic Beer Cozies

Magnetic Beer Cozies

To make tailgating even better.

7. Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen Flask

For beach drinking.

8. Bracelet Flask

Bracelet Flask

Downside: It’s $225. Upside: It makes getting wedding-drunk a breeze.

9. Bicycle Wine Rack

Bicycle Wine Rack

Just don’t drink and ride!

10. Full-Bottle Wineglass

Full-Bottle Wineglass

You can get this one personalized so there’s no mistaking it’s yours.

11. Glow-in-the-Dark Cups

Glow-in-the-Dark Cups


12. Stadium Flask Seat

Stadium Flask Seat

It holds up to 36 ounces and supports up to 300 pounds.

13. Hairbrush Flask

Hairbrush Flask

For looking and sipping pretty.

14. Beer Can Handle

Beer Can Handle

To make any drink ~FANCY~.

15. Lawn Drink Holders

Lawn Drink Holders

These work in sand as well.

16. Chill-Maintaining Wineglasses

Chill-Maintaining Wineglasses

They’ll keep your wine cold without worry about watering it down.

17. Drink-Cooling Pool Lounger

Drink-Cooling Pool Lounger

Source:   Buzzfeed

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