A Dangerous Anti-Diarrhea Medicine That Is Killing Teenagers

Drug addictions have existed in society for centuries. Throughout the years, they have taken on many forms and involve an ever-changing roster of hazardous substances. Sadly, thousands of individuals succumb to substance dependency or abuse each year. Because many drugs can alter the structure of the brain, it becomes increasingly difficult to overcome a drug addiction once an individual is hooked.

There are several things that can get in the way of a substance abuser from getting their fix. Financial limitations are one of the most prevalent reasons – most drugs do not come cheap. There are also many organizations and clinics that are dedicated to helping substance users get rehabilitated. With loving family members and friends, it is easier to get these individuals the help that they need; very rarely is it possible to subdue and overcome a drug addiction on one’s own.

Some people may be restricted from taking their drug of choice due to monetary limitations or familial intervention, but that doesn’t stop them from resorting to desperate and creative measures. We have heard about many incidents where frantic individuals have taken to common household items for a cheap high. Paint, glue, aerosol sprays, and prescription pills belonging to other people have all been abused for this purpose – particularly among teenagers. Sadly, this means that we always have to be informed of the next drug trend in order to prevent a detrimental outcome. Recently, teens have resorted to yet another common medicine-cabinet item to get their fix, and it could lead to severe illness and even death. Watch the video below to learn more about this potentially hazardous item.



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