12 Best Places To Hide Your Valuables

Where do you keep your valuables? Some of us opt for a safety deposit box at the bank, while others are still tucking cash and jewelry into the backs of drawers and underneath mattresses. There’s no arguing which of those options is better, but for when you frequently need to use something valuable or like having it nearby at all times, a safety deposit box just won’t cut it. That’s why it’s important to know the best places in your home for storing prized possessions – places thieves wouldn’t dream of looking in a million years.

Safes are everyone’s go-to option, but here’s the truth: they’re tough to crack but easy to steal. What good is a safe if it’s sitting out in plain sight where robbers can grab it and go? Of course, one of the biggest appeals of safes is that they’re fireproof. When it comes to the hiding spots we’re about to show you, we recommend storing your belongings in a fireproof container before placing them in these clever places.

Some of you might be saying that by posting this list we are making it easier for intruders to locate your belongings. While we are technically raising awareness of these unique security tricks, most robbers still wouldn’t waste the time and energy required to check these places. Thieves are on a very tight schedule and only have time to grab what they can see or what’s hiding in obvious places like drawers and cabinets. The following 12 hiding spots, however, are far from obvious. In fact, they’re so cleverly hidden that you might even forget that you hid them there yourself!

1. Vacuum It Up
hiding place for your valuables 1
We usually panic when we accidentally vacuum up a piece of jewelry or a dollar bill, but the vacuum might be one of the safest places to store things. No thief would think to check a common household appliance like this, unless they are in desperate need of a new vacuum that is.

2. Stash It In A Snack
hiding place for your valuables 2
Wrap your belongings in a small bag then slide it into a clear glass container holding some sort of snack, like popcorn kernels or rice. Glass containers not only look nice in your kitchen, but no one would suspect that they’re hiding valuables.

3. A Musical Misdirect
hiding place for your valuables 3
If you’ve got a large record collection, you’re in luck. A block of hollow “records” is actually pretty easy to make. Just make sure you don’t use any albums that are valuable to you, like old Beatles or Elvis. Thrift stores will sell you a bunch of old, damaged records for pretty cheap so you don’t have to sacrifice your own cases.

4. Hollow VHS
hiding place for your valuables 4
No one watches VHS tapes anymore, but chances are you still have a few lingering around on your shelf. Pop one of them open and you’ve got yourself a tiny plastic safe that looks like a boring old movie.

5. Perplexing Paint
hiding place for your valuables 5
I don’t even want to touch paint cans when I know there’s only paint inside them. Thieves definitely won’t be sorting through a stack of paint cans to locate the one that you’ve cleverly cleaned out and filled with goodies.

6. Expired Mayo
hiding place for your valuables 6
Sticking your hand inside of a mayo jar has to be one of everyone’s top three fears. Don’t worry, you and your possessions don’t have to come in contact with any mayonnaise for this one. Clean out a mayo jar and spray paint the inside white for a safe that’s more impenetrable than Fort Knox.

7. Under The Sink And Over Their Heads
hiding place for your valuables 7
This one requires a little more effort. Take off the molding from underneath one of the sinks in your home and cut a small hole. Make sure you use a waterproof container if you go this route, since humidity and leaks are a possibility.

8. Decoy Art
hiding place for your valuables 8
This place is less secure than some of the others, but good for small items that you need to access regularly. Spare keys are right at home behind a nice piece of art.

9. False Tile
hiding place for your valuables 9
Pry a single tile off of your bathroom or kitchen wall and cut a hole into the drywall directly behind it. Secure a small box to the back of the tile and slip it back into the wall where thieves will be none the wiser.

10. A Lock With Many Keys
hiding place for your valuables 10
Unfortunately, this can’t be done with just any keyboard, but BNI sells a fully functioning one here.

11. “Door-age” (Get it?)
hiding place for your valuables 11
Cheesy storage pun aside, this might be the best one on the list. It requires a drill, cigar tube and a small magnet, as well as some other common hardware tools. Click here for the complete tutorial.

12. The Classic Book Safe
hiding place for your valuables 12
It wouldn’t be a list about secret hiding spaces if we didn’t include the beloved “fake book.” These are incredibly fun and easy to make, and even if you don’t use them for your most important valuables, they’re a fun way to store tiny trinkets. Use Mod Podge to seal the pages together, then cut a large chunk out of the middle.

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