Man’s Death While Doing Yard Work Is Shocking

Everyone is looking forward to Summer. The sun, the parties, the ice cream, and all the summertime fun to be had.

But there’s also the negative aspects of summer. The ants on the ground and bugs in the air. In particular, there are wasps! Also known as yellow jackets, these guys are a major pain, and can cause some major physical pain as well. They are bad tempered nuisances and their stings can be very painful! They are much more of a threat than bees are and can even sting you multiple times.

In some cases their sting can actually be fatal! John was stung by four wasps, while simply tending to his garden. While he went in to lie down as his wife brought ice to bring down the swelling, within an hour he wound up dead.

Turns out he had a very severe allergic reaction to the wasp venom. It caused him to go into anaphylactic shock. Had he known of his allergic condition, something called an EpiPen could have saved his life.

Check out this important video which reveals what to do in these situations.


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