Mesmerizing Performance Of YAGP 2014 Ensemble

They are the Morning Star Dance Academy of Atlanta, and when they took the stage, it was unclear what to expect.

What was clear was that by the end, the audience knew how to respond, seeing as the performance totally blew them away! It was the “Stars of Today Meet Stars of Tomorrow” event. This was a very unique blend of Chinese fan dancing and classical ballet. The Youth America Grand Prix showcases young dancers who excel in ballet and contemporary dance. Needless to say, this team surpasses those qualifications.

The combination of grace and talent is incredible. The audience was blown away and everyone who has seen this online is equally stunned!

yagp 2014 ensembles jasmine 1

The choreography was crafted by Tingting Liu from Liaoning Ballet of China. Nature and beauty are conceptually channeled as the fans are turned to flowers and then the ballet kicks in creating a beautiful performance.

Yes, they did receive first place! Nationwide they captured the twelfth position.

yagp 2014 ensembles jasmine 2


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