She Asks This Big Puppy If He Wants A Walk. Now Look Closely At His Two Front Paws…

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they come in all manner of shapes, sizes and personalities. From little tiny dogs who think they’re big and tough to big ol’ gentle giants who are mostly interested in cuddling, there’s a special dog out there to suit anyone’s tastes. Personally, I like my dogs to be small or medium sized, like the average terrier or labrador. I just think that a dog that size is more manageable. Big dogs are funny because they’re usually such teddy bears, but they often don’t know their own size and can inadvertently cause a lot of damage around the house (especially in a tiny apartment like mine). 

Two years ago, a Nevada couple adopted a beautiful Great Dane puppy, which they named Rocko. Back then, they had no idea what they were in store for, but it was only a matter of months before they realized that Rocko was growing fast – a little too fast. Rocko’s growth spurt seems to be exponential. He’s only two, but already he weighs over 160 pounds and stands around seven feet tall when raised up on his hind legs.

Needless to say, a dog that big might seem intimidating, but Rocko is a total sweetheart. His owners say that he cries if he hears a distressed animal on TV. He’s also a total mush who loves to cuddle with his humans, but it seems he hasn’t realized he’s no longer a puppy because he climbs all over them as if he was still the same size! 


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