Everyone Is Stunned With This Horse Rider’s Skills

Reining is a horseriding competition where riders must guide the horse through a precise pattern of movements like circles, spins and stops. It can be considered the Western equivalent to dressage riding since both require the rider to have a highly developed command over the horse and have the horse be highly in tune with its rider.

The Kentucky Cup is one of the largest reining competitions in the world, featuring some of the largest purses in the sport for top competitors from around the world. One event is the World Freestyle Reining Championship, which allows riders to display their skills set to a short musical piece of their choosing.

Costumes and props are also allowed (within limits), making freestyle reining almost like the figure skating of the reining world. In this video, we see the 2015 Freestyle champion, Laura Sumrall perform her winning routine with her horse, Wimpys Top Model.


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