12 Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are so commonplace that we rarely give them a second glance, but did you know that they are a key ingredient in a whole bunch of awesome DIY projects? That’s right; these super-cheap wooden boxes can be crafted into everything from a coffee table to a doggie bed, all using simple tools that you probably already have at home.

Wooden crate furniture is especially useful for families with young children. When your kids are growing up, you end up changing bedroom and playroom furniture every other year. During this time, it’s a great idea to fill your home with furniture that can easily be transported and changed at a moment’s notice. And that isn’t to say that young families are the only ones who will get something from these projects. Many of these would fit well inside a college dorm room or any house looking to switch up their decor for a more rustic, storage friendly option.

After reading through each item on this list, you’ll probably want to get started crafting right away! Enjoy our 12 favorite wooden crate hacks, and don’t hesitate to get creative yourself by using them for something else entirely.

1. Bookshelf
wooden crate tricks 1
This is just one of many potential bookshelf designs that are possible with wooden crates. Get creative with how you stack them to find the best fit for your living space. Click here for a full list of instructions.

2. Closet Organization
wooden crate tricks 2
Wooden crates are perfect for stacking on shelves or setting on tracks to create makeshift drawers. The folks over at Fix This Build That painted theirs a nice blue, giving them a clean and professional look. Learn how to make this setup here.

3. Storage Bench
wooden crate tricks 3
This DIY bench is perfect for the interior or exterior. All you have to do is line up three crates, attach legs and a base to the bottom, then add a cushion to the top. The extra space underneath is ideal for blankets or books. Click here for a full list of instructions.

4. Coffee Table
wooden crate tricks 4
Take four crates, set them on their sides and connect them together. What could be simpler? The table’s open center gives you endless possibilities for creative centerpieces. For even more utility, attach some wheels to the bottom so your coffee table can easily scoot around. Click here for a full list of instructions.

5. Rustic Dog Bed
wooden crate tricks 5
Dog beds are often expensive and clash with your home’s interior design. Crafting a custom bed for your furry friend is a fun way to make them something they’ll love while adding a piece of great-looking decor. Learn how to make your very own wooden crate dog bed here.

6. Dresser
wooden crate tricks 6
Don’t want to drop big bucks on having a dresser delivered to your house and don’t feel like figuring out IKEA instructions? This dresser, made out of wooden crates on sliding tracks inside of a wooden frame, is a perfect solution. It’s slender, lightweight and fits with just about every style of bedroom. Click here for a full list of instructions.

7. Drink Station
wooden crate tricks 7
Adding a crate to the drink table at your next party instantly doubles the space. It makes your drink options look clean and elegant, instead of a random assortment of beverages and glasses.

8. Mudroom
wooden crate tricks 8
You might not be tracking in mud on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t craft your own mudroom with a few well-placed crates. Simply drill them to the wall above your shoe rack and use them to store any small items you might need when you leave the house. I use mine to store my keys, wallet and dog leash.

9. Rolling Ottoman
wooden crate tricks 9
This DIY project couldn’t be easier. Attach wheels to a wooden crate, paint it whatever color your heart desires and then fill it with decorations. If you want something more practical, swap out the decorative pumpkins with pillows, blankets or board games. You can find instructions for this project here.

10. Minimalist Side Table
wooden crate tricks 10
If you’re already planning on making the coffee table and ottoman, this wooden crate side table is a lovely way to round out your living room’s new collection of furniture. Plus, how many other side tables have two easily-accessible levels? Check out the full instructions here.

11. TV Stand
wooden crate tricks 11
Like the bookshelf we covered at the beginning of this list, this TV stand can be adjusted and transformed to fit any living space. The crates offer ample storage for DVDs, books and candles. Learn how to make it here.

12. Toy Car Parking Garage
wooden crate tricks 12
Every parent knows that stepping on a toy car with bare feet is more painful than words can describe. Never have a stray car cluttering your floor again with this adorable “parking garage,” complete with a cardboard tube for each car. This will look great in your child’s bedroom or playroom. Click here for a full list of instructions.


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