13 Creative DIY Projects You Can Do With Window Shutters

Did you know that you can use old shutters for more than just your doors and windows? As it turns out, they also make an excellent choice for some truly inventive and enviable DIY projects. Want to see for yourself? Check out these 13 shutter ideas below. Hopefully, you have space for #11 in your kitchen because it is awesome.

#1. Paint some vintage shutters and arrange them on the wall behind your bed for an easy, cute headboard.

#2. Mount a shutter to the wall and hang plants.

#3. Use a shutter as a creative way to display your family photos.

#4. If you’ve got kids, a DIY shutter bulletin board is a great way to display their projects, homework assignments, and to-do lists.

DIY shutter projects


#5. DIY a rustic bench for your home with an old shutter.

#6. Turn some old shutters into a cool shelf with just a few coats of paint and some nails.

#7. This shabby chic shutter makes excellent wall decor.

#8. Store magazines in an old shutter for a storage solution that looks super organized.

DIY shutter projects


#9. Use a distressed shutter as a towel rack.

#10. Add a shutter to a wall in your kitchen and use it to store mugs in a cute and creative way.

#11. Use shutters to create a cool island for your kitchen, with plenty of storage for kitchen tools, wine bottles, and even cooking magazines.

#12. Build a useful and charming side table with shutters.

DIY shutter projects


#13. Repurpose a vintage shutter into a leaning or hanging mirror & hat rack.

DIY shutter projects

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