This Photo Of An Unlikely Friendship Is Melting Hearts Across The Internet

weightlifter bond with girl rare condition

David “The Beast” Douglas shared a photo of himself wearing a shirt that says “Strong” on the back, while holding hands with 12-year-old Lindsay Ratcliffe. Under the belt on his shirt, around Lindsay’s height, it says “stronger,” with an arrow pointing at his young friend.


weightlifter bond with girl rare condition

Lindsay suffers from a rare disease called Progeria, which causes children to age rapidly. Many who suffer from the disease rarely live to be about 13 years old. Douglas said that Lindsay plays a big role in his life, and he even calls her his “little sis.” He said many people describe him as “strong” but that Lindsay is stronger in every way. The weightlifter, who is also a U.S. Marine, made a surprise appearance at a fundraising walk for Lindsay in Detroit in 2014, flying in from California for the event. He initially told Lindsay’s family he wouldn’t be able to make it and sent a video message wishing Lindsay luck.  However, he showed up to the event anyway, much to the surprise of Lindsay.

See Lindsay’s reaction to David’s surprise appearance in the video below.


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