The Groom’s Song Is Unexpectedly Interrupted, But What Happens Next Left The Guests Speechless…

Kathy Bunker founded the Bunker Dance Center over 20 years ago and has created a small empire of dance talent in a town that’s actually pretty well known for the art form, Las Vegas. In fact, one of her more illustrious former faculty members was a cast member for the entire run of Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show. The same faculty member went on to great recognition as a choreographer and judge on the hit reality series, So You Think You Can Dance. In fact, a current instructor for her school and former So You Think You Can Dance finalist, Aaron Turner, can be heard loudly cheering Kathy on in this sensational viral video.

Aaron has spent nearly his entire life with the Bunker Dance Center, enrolling as a student at age seven, and going on to teach there after graduation. Clearly Kathy’s leadership inspires that kind of loyalty. We wonder how much of her leadership went into the planning of this humorous but touching dance number with her son, Blake. Beginning as a traditional Mother-Son wedding dance, the music cuts suddenly and the moves get a little more modern, to the strains of M.C. Hammer and LMFAO.

This video originally went live in 2013. If you’re wondering how Blake and his wife Laurel are getting on since then, we can tell you just fine! The happy married couple are expecting their first baby in just a few months. We’re sure as soon as that little one is standing, Grandma Kathy will have another student on her roster.


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