See Why He Is Spraying WD-40 On His Carpet And Everywhere Else

You know what they say, with duct tape and WD-40 and you can fix anything. Well, in many ways that is actually true! WD-40 actually has a ton of useful purposes that you probably don’t know about.

1. Spot Remover. Scuffing or spots on the floor can be a pain to get rid of. Take a tough brush and give it a spray with the WD-40 and you’ll be amazed at how easy they come out.

2. You ever get two glasses stuck to one another? Forcing them apart may result in breakage. Instead, give them a spray to separate.

3. Those pump spray bathroom cleaners can take forever to clean a toilet. Instead spray that nasty toilet with some WD-40 and that buildup will come right off.

4. Ever do some arts and crafts and have glue stuck all over your hands? No, you don’t have to douse your hands in turpentine, just get your WD and spray away. Glue removed instantly!

5. Wasp repellent. Expensive wasp spray is the only answer right? Nope, get your WD and repel. It works!

6. Protect old tools. We all love our tools, especially those old wooden ones which last forever. In order to prevent the wood from splinting, spray some WD on the handle.

7. So you finish up in the bathroom, and your zipper jams. You now have an open fly while the your date is sitting on the couch waiting for you. Make a quick b-line for the garage, grab your WD-40 and give a quick spray to that zipper to get it unstuck. Now you won’t have to return to your date with your fly wide open.

8. Another hand cleaning solution. If you’ve been messing with an engine or anything that will grease up your hands, then give them a spray to for a good de-greasing.

9. Just buy a car but it has bumper stickers plastered all over it from the previous owner? Spray those stickers off!

10. Carpet stain remover. Just like floors, you can also lift stains from carpets.

11. Auto scuffs. If you have a paint scuff on your car you can spray WD and it will help in removing it.

12. Golf club polisher. Spray some on your clubs to protect and polish.

13. Fishing detangler. Have a tangled up fishing line? Spray some on and take a needle to detangle.

14. Kids put gum in your hair? It happens. WD to the rescue. Spray in and you can remove it.

15. Kids crayons on furniture. Spray on and it can help to remove crayon stains from your furniture.

16. Glue remover. If your kids get glue on your furniture, give it a spray and let it remain for a moment. It will help lift out the glue.

17. Countertop stains. WD-40 can work in the kitchen as well by removing stains on your formica countertop.

18. Ring removal. We’ve all had rings that won’t come off. Give your finger a spray and the WD will help to easily remove it.

19. License plate cleaner. Shine up your plates and get rid of that road grime with your WD-40!


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