Inventive Ways To Use Fabric Softener Around Your House

Laundry just isn’t the same without the use of fabric softener. If you’re spending the money on purchasing it, why not try to get the most bang for your buck? Here is how fabric softener can be used to help make your everyday life a bit easier.

Car Freshener

Spray a 1:1 mixture of fabric softener and water into the fabric of your car to reduce the buildup of odors.
Getting rid of bad odours in your Vehicle

Cleaning Glass Tabletops

Glass counters only look great when they are sparkling. Keep them looking that way with a cap of softener mixed with a gallon of water. After wiping the surface with it, be sure to dry it immediately with a paper towel.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 2

Softening Paintbrushes

Soak paintbrushes in softener to help loosen up those stiff bristles.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 3

Wallpaper Remover

Add a cap of softener to a liter of water and mix well. After your wallpaper is scoured, wipe the liquid on its surface with a sponge and let it sit for 30 minutes. The wallpaper should come right off.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 4

Removing Hard-Water Stains

Hard-water stains are notoriously difficult to remove, but softener can get the job done right. Just massage it into the surface of the stains before wiping it up with a damp towel. Use a dry paper towel to wipe up any moisture afterwards, and your shower and tub should look as good as new.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 5

Dusting Your Electronics

Televisions and monitors are notorious for their ability to attract dust. Clean it off easily with a lightly damp cloth that was soaked in water and softener.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 6

Cleaning The Dishes

The toughest dishes are usually best resolved after a night of soaking in water, but who has time for that? Add a bit of softener to the dishes, then let them soak for an hour.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 7

Removing Hair-Spray Residue

If you use hair spray on a regular basis, then you know what your bathroom floors, mirrors and walls look like. Easily clean up that annoying grime with 1:2 fabric-softener-to-water mixture to remove the tacky residue.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 8

Fabric Freshener Spray

Constantly purchasing products like Febreze can cost a lot of money over time. Mixing one part fabric softener with one part water in a spray bottle makes a fresh-smelling fabric freshener that won’t break the bank.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 9

Removing Scum From Faucets

Faucets are very prone to the buildup of scum and water stains. Easily remove them by rubbing with fabric softener and letting it dry. It may take a couple tries, but the results are incredible.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 10

Removing Static From Carpets

Especially during the winter, dry air and friction can build up a significant static charge in your carpet. This static is mostly harmless, but it keeps lint, hair and dirt locked into its fibers. Spraying your carpets with a solution of water and fabric softener will help keep your floors in great condition.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 11

Remove Static From Sweaters

Sweaters have a knack for building up static easily. This mostly results in some unwanted shocks, but it can also cause them to pick up more lint while being worn. Instead of wearing out your clothes by using an adhesive lint roller, stop static in the first place by spaying a combination of water and softener in your clothes.
Ways To Use Fabric Softener 12


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