Unusual House On The Top Of A Mountain Has Breathtaking Views

Here at Wimp, we’ve seen a lot of unusual houses. There was the house decked out in Coca-Cola memorabilia, a vacation get-away located far underground and even one home designed to look just like Bilbo Baggins’s famous Hobbit hole.

However, we’ve never seen a house quit like this one. Situated in the Mojave Desert, just 45 minutes from Barstow is the Volcano House, and you guessed it …

It’s sitting on top of a volcanic cinder cone, a steep hill built from falling volcanic ash.
unique california homes 1

The home was recently put on the market for $650,000.
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It once belonged to Huell Howser, host and producer of the public television program “California’s Gold.”
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For those unfamiliar with the show, Howser provided expertise on the quirky side of California.
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It only makes sense that he would live in a place like this! And just look at those 360 degree views … stunning.
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Before his death in 2013, Howser donated the property to Chapman University. In return, they digitized his show, which you can watch here.
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However, the original designer and inhabitant was Vard Wallace, an inventive man who happened to patent the very first skateboard.
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The views are enhanced by a wrap-around deck and private lake, which sits at the base of the volcano.
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There’s also a guest house, just in case the two bedrooms on the main property aren’t enough.
unique california homes 9

Living on the top of a volcanic cinder cone may not be for everyone, but it’s a stunning sight, especially at night. A word to whoever buys it – we would love to come visit!
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