Beautiful A Capella Version Of 1939 Classic Song

This has already been an incredible season for America’s Got Talent, full of surprising performances and future stars in the making. Last week, we got to meet another breakout group who seem destined for big things.
In recent years, a capella has received a lot of attention thanks to shows like The Sing-Off and movies like Pitch Perfect. Linkin’ Bridge doesn’t look like your typical a capella group – they seem solemn when they hit the stage, and Simon can barely get a word out of them. But when they grab the mics and start singing, all that changes. The expression on Simon’s face when they belt out the first few notes says it all, and pretty soon, the whole crowd is swept up in the excitement.

We’ve heard many different versions of this classic tune, but Linkin’ Bridge inject it with a unique flair. What makes their rendition so memorable is their soulful, passionate style of vocals. Their voices harmonize seamlessly with one another. It’s probably too early to call, but these guys seem destined for the finals.


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