Family Lovingly Adopted Her Even With Her Serious Defect

Everyone deserves a loving family. For some unfortunate children, however, the first years of their youth are spent largely alone, in an orphanage. In Eastern Europe, for instance, the orphanages are packed with children in need of a home. While many are eventually adopted into loving families, just as many age out of the system and are left on their own.

For six years, little Danica never received a single visit at her Ukrainian orphanage. Born with a rare condition called Treacher Collins syndrome, finding a family was looking like an impossible goal year after year. Treacher Collins syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant congenital disorder. Found in about one in 50,000 births, the disorder is characterized by such facial deformities as absent cheekbones, downward-slanting eyes, and conductive hearing loss. Due to these challenges, Danica would face a real possibility of being turned out of the orphanage and onto the streets as she got older.

Most people wouldn’t think of adopting Danica, but, as soon Thom and Tami Whetmore laid eyes on her, they knew they had to adopt. “We knew as soon as [we] saw her,” Tami says. “I just knew in my spirit – go get your daughter.”Danica was a welcome addition to the family, and the perfect sister for the Whetmore’s biological daughter, Juliana, who inspired the Whetmores to adopt. Watch the video to hear Danica’s full story.


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