She Gives Birth To Beautiful Identical Twins. But When The Doctors See Her Sister, They Are Floored…

Michelle Cooke is a 33-year-old mother who lives in Cobham, Surrey, England. She was born with a sister who is actually her identical twin. The odds of identical twins occurring is a 3 in 1000 chance (0.3%)!

Identical twins are the result of an egg splitting after conception with absolutely no relation to family history (no genetic link). When Michelle Cooke first realized she was pregnant, she called up her sister, Sarah, to tell her the good news. Sarah joked with Michelle about how her pregnancy would result in identical twins. The jokes went on and on, and Michelle took them as just that, jokes. She never thought anything would really come of it.

Michelle pictured with her husband Pete and their identical twins Marnie (right) and Elsie (left)

twin sister gives birth to twins

Eight weeks into her pregnancy, Michelle decided to go get an ultrasound to ensure that everything was sailing along smoothly. Michelle recalls her visit by saying, “I was lying on the scanning table and I asked whether she could see a heartbeat.” When the doctor responded she was in complete shock.

She remembers the exact moment and says, “She turned to me and said that yes she could. And that actually she could see two heartbeats, which meant I was pregnant with twins.” She immediately called her husband Pete to tell him the news. His initial reaction was to laugh as he thought it was a joke, but Michelle reassured him that she was actually carrying twins. Michelle then went for another scan to make sure everything was still okay. This scan was scheduled four weeks after her initial one and what she found out that day was unbelievable…

Michelle (right) with her twin sister Sarah (left) and Michelle’s twin daughters, Elsie (left) and Marnie (right).

twin sister gives birth to twins

During her scan, Michelle was given the news that she was actually pregnant with identical twins. The jokes that  Sarah made had come to fruition. Michelle immediately called her twin sister to tell her the news. Sarah’s response was to just scream into the phone in disbelief. Leila Hanna, a gynecologist and obstetrician at Queen Mary’s and BMI The Sloane Hospital said “Being identical is quite a rare event so repetition of that to a second generation is even rarer.” She went on to say that she doesn’t believe she has ever witnessed it in her 30 years of experience.

Michelle gave birth to Elsie and Marnie in September. Marnie weighed in at 5 lbs. 2oz. while Elsie weighed in at 4 lbs. 7 oz., both considered healthy weights for twins. Michelle recalls growing up with her sister and how they shared so many similarities. To this day, they still finish each other’s sentences and have similar taste in clothing. Their mother still cannot tell them apart on the phone. Michelle shared her joy that she was fortunate enough to give birth to identical twins and how she hopes that they will have a similar experience to what she and Sarah had. This occurrence truly was like lightning striking twice.

Michelle (right) and Sarah (left) pictured holding Marnie (right) and Elsie (left).

twin sister gives birth to twins


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