These 11-Year-Old Twins Play Trumpets. But Then They Do Something Else That Totally Takes The Crowd By Surprise…

The true brilliance of a multi-instrument band is each individual musician’s ability to play together. It can take years, maybe even decades, for a band to truly gel with one another and not even having a band full of master musicians is a guarantee that the music will be any good.

That’s what makes Pelican 212 so special. Comprised of seven musicians playing the trombone, trumpets, guitar and drums, all seven band members are children. Led by 11-year-old trumpet-toting twins Max and Kolbe, the Dixieland band is joined by Katie on the guitar, Angelle on the piano/drums, Marie on the trombone, Giovanni on the trumpet and Mollie on the trumpet/drums.

Coming together and playing a rendition of “When The Saints Go Marching In” that rivals adult bands, the band shows that natural talent starts at an early age.


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