When You Are Stuck In Traffic, This Truck Will Entertain You

If, like most people, you absolutely cannot stand being stuck in traffic jams, then you’re going to love this.

A theatre group in Slovenia, Mini Teater, came up with a great way to lighten the mood in traffic jams. They call it the Trunk Theater, because it is literally in the truck of a car. In the trunk is a theater stage on which the group performs some of their most popular shows for cars that are at a standstill, giving drivers a surprisingly enjoyable traffic jam experience.

Robert Waltl, the manager of The Mini Teater, says, “Theaters have to be innovative to attract and keep its audience and every theater manager in the world knows it’s a hard job to do. So I’m pleased we demonstrated the amusement power of theater in an innovative way and proved that good things do come in mini packages.”

This is what other drivers see when stuck in traffic with the Trunk Theater.
trunk theatre entertains drivers 1

Seeing someone pop out from behind a curtain would definitely add a fun note to the typically negative experience of sitting in traffic.
trunk theatre entertains drivers 2

In order to make the shows manageable, they were adapted to fit the size of the stage and shortened to account for the typical wait time in a traffic jam.
trunk theatre entertains drivers 3

For their safety, the actors were trained to perform in a space the size of a trunk.
trunk theatre entertains drivers 4

For once, people actually enjoyed being stuck in a traffic jam.
trunk theatre entertains drivers 5

This almost makes you want to get stuck in traffic, doesn’t it?
trunk theatre entertains drivers 6


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