Luckily, This Motorcyclist Survived After A Big Truck Overturned

The one bad thing about driving is that you could be doing absolutely everything correctly, following every law and rule of the road and you can STILL manage to get into a wreck.

It’s more than just knowing how to drive yourself, you have to be prepared for absolutely everyone else on the road to be a complete moron. That’s not a joke. The more you treat them as if they’re toddlers behind the wheel, the more prepared you’ll be when you absolutely need it – just like the motorcyclist in the video below.

While waiting at a red light one motorcyclist watched carefully as a semi-truck blew through a turn, obviously taking it much faster than the vehicle was capable. This caused the trailer to start tipping, and the guy on the bike started backing up. He managed to make it back far enough to save his own skin, but it’s safe to say that bike is done for now. According to the truck driver he was only going around 10kph, but what that’s not accounting for is the rate of acceleration and the angle of the turn. Yet people wonder why road rage exists.


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