25 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You To Quit Your Job And Travel The World

It’s almost impossible to follow every epic account on Instagram, but here is a sampling of the best ‘adventure photography,’ including landscape, wildlife, surf and outdoor lifestyle. Have a look at the inspiring list below.

amazing instagram posts 1

amazing instagram posts 2The man is practically a cult figure for his landscape and surf photography – https://instagram.com/chrisburkard/

#2amazing instagram posts 3Rugged landscapes that are truly inspiring – https://instagram.com/alexstrohl

amazing instagram posts 4Photography doesn’t always have to be fast. Benjamin’s account is filled with vivid, long exposure shots that will make you drool – https://instagram.com/bejamin

#4amazing instagram posts 5He has no problem with the extreme cold, and no problem capturing the most incredible adventure photography – https://instagram.com/calsnape

amazing instagram posts 6The world in photos – https://instagram.com/colerise

amazing instagram posts 7A lifestyle photographer that will make you want to see the world – https://instagram.com/davidguenther

#7amazing instagram posts 8A feature-only page showcasing stunning outdoor photography – https://instagram.com/discoverearth

amazing instagram posts 9Bold landscapes in perfect lighting that will inspire you – https://instagram.com/Fudojahic

amazing instagram posts 10Clean and pure outdoor photography – https://instagram.com/kdkuiper

amazing instagram posts 11If you’re a fan of foxes, Northern Lights and squirrels, this Finland-based “squirrel-whisperer” is for you – https://instagram.com/kpunkka

amazing instagram posts 12Adventure is a lifestyle. They showcase it – https://instagram.com/livefolk

amazing instagram posts 13This guy sleeps on the top of mountains more often than not – https://instagram.com/moonmountainman