5 Disgraceful Hidden Secrets About The Transportation Security Agency

The Transportation Security Agency has really been running things into the ground lately, but it seems it could all be more than just a coincidence that the wait lines are ridiculous.

That’s right, millions of dollars have actually been SPENT in order to ensure TSA checkpoints are short staffed and a pain in the a** to deal with! Especially after seeing the stupidest line ever from the Chicago Midway Airport, it’s apparent they don’t even have to bother trying to cover it up anymore.

The video you’re about to watch will explain in detail everything the agency has been doing to keep things as difficult as possible, and also WHY they’re using it as an excuse to get even more money. Hey, if I only did part of my job and asked for more money I’d probably be fired, but apparently it’s OK for an agency as large as they are. Go figure.


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