19 Toys Only Girls Who Grew Up In The 80’s Will Remember

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These toys will make you feel nostalgic and maybe even a little awesome inside. Even if you’re not an ’80s child, a lot of these toys actually carried over into the ’90s! 

1. Care Bears:

Because THEY’RE CARE BEARS. They’re the amount of adorable you wished you could be so your parents would stop grounding you.

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2. Big Wheels:

Because you wanted to ride around the neighborhood with your squad, lookin’ fly as hell.

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3. Barbie Dream House:

If your parents loved you, you got one of these.

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4. Barbie Corvette:

Because you wanted to give your Barbie the life you always wanted, but will realistically never get.

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5. My Little Pony:

Yep, this one’s even dolled up and ready for some Jazzercise.

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6. Pound Puppies:

Because your obsession with saving all the cute animals in the world needed to be satiated at a young age. Now, you’ve got five cats…and are single, but that doesn’t matter. Cats.

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7. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls:

Because they were small, cute and smelled amazing.

toys in 80's 8

8. Tinkerbell Makeup:

Because this is the only kind of makeup your mom let you touch. Plus, it made you feel older than you were, and that was awesome.

toys in 80's 9

9. Fashion Plates:

Because every little girl in the ’80s and ’90s wanted to be a fashion designer, and this was obviously the way to do it.

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10. Fisher-Price Medical Kit:

Because you knew that saving lives was pretty much equivalent to being a superhero.

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11. Cupcake Dolls:

Because not only did they look like your favorite food, but they smelled EXACTLY like one too.

toys in 80's 12

12. See-Through Phone:

Because, duh.

toys in 80's 13

13. Fisher-Price 1-2-3 Roller Skates:

Because the laziness inside you started very young.

toys in 80's 14

14. Viewmaster:

Because it honestly was the most awesome thing you owned at one point. You’d peep into a whole new world.

toys in 80's 15

15. Cabbage Patch Kids:

Because even though they’re cute and creepy looking, you still wanted one to carry around with you.

toys in 80's 16

16. Monchhichi Dolls:

Because they were just too cute to resist.

toys in 80's 17

17. Charm Necklaces:

Because you liked to show off your passions for the important things in life like cats, shoes, lipstick, fish, combs and…carrots?

toys in 80's 18

18. Spirograph:

Because you still can’t wrap your head around how they made over a million insane designs.

toys in 80's 19

19. Sweet Secrets:

Because not only were they adorable, but they’d also transform into jewelry and makeup. They also took up quite a bit of space in your otherwise empty purse.

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