Touching Photographs That Bring The Past And Present Together Again…

Taylor Jones, founder of the blog “Dear Photography“, was looking through a box of old family photos one day when he found a picture of his little brother at the dinner table. Taylor suddenly noticed that he was sitting at the exact same table, and that nothing has changed in the kitchen except that the baby in the picture had now become an adult. Taylor decided to combine the old photo with the new environment and took a photo of it. At that moment, the idea came into his head to create a small blog where others could share similar heart-warming pictures in which their pasts met their present and future.

Not only did his friends support his idea, but plenty of other people loved it, too. The blog has grown in popularity. We decided to share some of the most touching and sentimental stories we found on it. They remind us of those wonderful, bygone times when trees seemed like giants, when mom could solve any problem, and when we were happy but didn’t even know it.

touching photographs of the past”It’s been 70 years since my young mom danced in this lake. Wouldn’t it have been something if the waters she had danced in had washed the fountain of youth over her…“ ~ Peter.


touching photographs of the past“Our Once Upon A Time began in February 2013. I remember this moment like it was yesterday. We were walking on the beach enjoying each others’ company. What would happen next marked the beginning of our greatest adventure.” ~ A girl who believes in ’Happily Ever After.’


touching photographs of the past”Can you tell him to turn around? I wanna see that cute little baby face again.“


touching photographs of the past”I’ll always remember my first fish.“ ~ Brian Thurman.


touching photographs of the past“My mother was a hippie too. Deal with it!”


touching photographs of the past“Life seemed so simple in the days of black and white. We had a father, and you had four daughters. But time has a way of changing things. The car is gone, the dog is gone and you’ve been gone seven years now. The only thing that remains are the mountains that you loved. We are still loving and missing you. Till we meet again.“


touching photographs of the past”In 1979, six years before I was born, my grandpa went on a holiday in London and fell in love with the city. Thirty years later, I moved to London and found the place where this photo was taken. Now we’re looking together at Tower Bridge.”


touching photographs of the past“I found our old home where my family used to live. This boy is my dad in the early 1930s.”


touching photographs of the past”There will never be an age that I don’t need my mom…or her hand to hold. Love then, love now, love always.“ ~ Sara.


touching photographs of the past”Who would’ve known that forty years later, I would be studying at George Washington University just like my mother did? As I look at this photo it feels a bit like I’m travelling in time…It’s an odd feeling to be in a photograph with your mother when you’re both the same age.“


touching photographs of the past“I’m so proud my boys childhood dreams were the stuff of bravery, honour and valour. Fifteen years later, we can see that sometimes dreams really do come true.” ~ Nancy.


touching photographs of the past”Thank you for everything we had.“ ~ Jonathan Stampf.


touching photographs of the past”My granny was my favourite playmate, teacher and friend. She led me on so many colourful adventures through the garden of life, and I followed her footsteps everywhere. Even though she isn’t here anymore to play with me, I know she will be there waiting for me around the next corner to guide me. I miss her…” Lauren.


touching photographs of the past“Over thirty-two years, my dad and I have run many races together. It’s been a marathon of love, advice, and friendship, and we still haven’t crossed the finish line.” ~ Benoit.


touching photographs of the past“When I was two, this murky little duck pond became the most beautiful place on earth.“ ~ Greg.


touching photographs of the past”This Valentine’s Day, just like every other day, I know my dear dad is here at his favourite beach where I grew up. In this photo, my mom and dad are together again.” ~ Bridgette.


touching photographs of the past“Some things never change.” ~ Mikaela Gallagher.


touching photographs of the past“Seasons come and seasons go, but my heart still fills with joy when I remember that boy and girl fishing for days on end, not caring if they caught anything.“ ~ Bridget.


touching photographs of the past”It was in 2010, and I still remember every moment. You always thought we were just friends, but to me, you always meant so much more.”


touching photographs of the past“This is when I still had hair and my brother pooped himself. We were happy, but we didn’t know it.” ~ Domenico.



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