What They Found On This Mummy Is Beyond Unthinkable

An ancient mummy was found recently and the scientific community was eagerly anticipating what could be learned from it. During the examination of the mummy, they found many historical artifacts that will lead to a great understanding of how these people lived thousands of years ago. What they didn’t expect to find was something that makes time travel seem a little more like a real possibility. Scientists are having a field day with this find, and it seems to be for a very good reason.

time traveling mummy 1
The objects that were found all dated back to the 6th century.

time traveling mummy 2
There were many items in the grave to go along with the human remains.

time traveling mummy 3
Scientists believe the items were so well-preserved because of the high altitude at which they were buried.

time traveling mummy 4
It’s believed the skeleton belongs to a women from the size of the mummy and the clothing that was found.

time traveling mummy 5
The body was found in the mountains of Mongolia, and is giving scientists a fascinating view of a world thousands of years gone by.

time traveling mummy 6
While all of this is fascinating and furthering the cause of science and the study of history, it’s a pair of shoes the women was wearing that is causing all the commotion, and making people ask if time travel may really be possible.

time traveling mummy 7
These are the shoes the mummy was wearing when she was found. People have been going crazy with the fact that these shoes look almost identical to Adidas sneakers!

time traveling mummy 8
You have to admit, they do bear a striking resemblance to the classic Adidas sneakers. What if this person really was a time traveler?!  Though the theory is pretty far-fetched, it is really cool to think about a scenario where someone traveled back in time in their Adidas shoes. Adidas should definitely try to use this scenario to market their shoes.

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