You May Not Recognize This Tiny Creature At First, But Wait Until The Camera Zooms In…

Oceans are some of the last great mysteries remaining on Earth. They make up 71 percent of our planet’s surface, yet an astounding 95 percent of them are still unexplored. Sometimes, though, captivating ocean life will crawl onto the shore, allowing us to have an in-depth look at its unique behavior, as is the case with these baby crabs at Legian Beach in Bali. 

There are many factors, like bad weather and predatory fish, that prevent crab larvae from reaching the surface. But when the conditions are just right, a large group of larvae are lucky enough to make it to dry land, shed their casing, and experience life above the surface. It’s moments like these when nature demonstrates how intriguing it can be, making us excited about what mysteries lie in the 95 percent of the ocean we’ve yet to see.


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