Ten Cool Things You Can Create Out Of An Old Potato Chip Tube

When the chips are already eaten, and an empty cardboard tube is left, don’t hurry to throw it away. After all, you can always find a lot of creative ways to use anything in everyday life.

We collected the best ideas that you can easily make at home.

1. Vase
things to create out of an old tube 1
With a simple twist of the wrist, an empty chip tube turns into… a decorative vase. All you need to do is decorate the outer side of your vase with any material that you like or have on hand.

2. A gift box
things to create out of an old tube 2
To wrap a gift extraordinarily is a real art. A chip tube is perfect for wrapping some edible products, such as cookies and candies, as well as for small and easily folded items.

3. Pasta and cereal storage container
things to create out of an old tube 3
A long tube is designed for storing spaghetti, but you’re free to put whatever kind of pasta you want in it. And is there a more suitable place than the kitchen where you can find so many small things to put in a tube?

4. A DIY holder for cotton disks and plastic bags
things to create out of an old tube 4
By cutting a small rounded hole at the bottom of the tube, you’ll have a great holder for cotton disks or coffee pods. And if you make a small hole in the plastic lid, you’ll get a suitable container to store plastic bags.

5. Kaleidoscope
things to create out of an old tube 5
This is a great idea for both parents and children. You’ll need a hammer and a nail to create a small hole on the back side of the tube, some holographic paper, shiny stones, a great deal of inspiration, and a little time to put all this stuff together.

6. A craft box
things to create out of an old tube 6
The empty tubes are extremely convenient for storing ribbons, straps, thick threads, twine rolls, and other creative stuff. You can easily fix all of this inside a tube and enjoy perfect order on your craft table.

7. A candle mold
things to create out of an old tube 7
The empty chip tubes can be filled with molten wax in any combinations and proportions to get some beautiful and colorful homemade candles.

8. A solar oven for cooking sausages
things to create out of an old tube 8
Well, let’s be honest, it’s not the easiest way to cook hot dog sausages, but there’s no doubt it’s an amusing one. You just need some solar energy, empty chip tubes, and sausages, of course. It’s time for some scientific experiments.

9. A toy house
things to create out of an old tube 9
This could be a suitable base for a toy tower, or even for a castle (if you have a good imagination). If the tube is well-decorated, you’ll never even guess the material that your tower is made of.

10. Stationery stuff and knitting needles holder
things to create out of an old tube 10
This simple holder can be filled with pens, pencils, paint brushes, knitting needles, and other small or long things.


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