The Crowd Loves Their Appealing Rendition Of “You Raise Me Up”

“You Raise Me Up” is the beautiful rendition performance done by the male vocal group called The Kingdom Tenors, as they perform on Britain’s Got Talent.

The reaction is priceless. It’s a range of cheering, crying and absolute speechlessness. The group describes where their dedicated drive comes from:

“We are 12 guys that all have a passion for music. We, first of all, are all great mates that share the same vision to make incredible music. We love to take songs that are from the modern era and give them our ‘Kingdom’ twist.” They range from 21 to 31 years old and hold down day jobs from waiting tables to teaching kids to fixing cars. But they all come together for song and the result is spectacular.

They naturally got the green light to go to the next round and no doubt many cannot wait to hear them perform again!


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