It Looks Like He Is Pitching A Normal Tent, But The End Result Is Beyond Awesome

Camping season can be year round in certain climates, but there is nothing like finding a cool, secluded camp ground, building a fire and roasting marshmallows until the early morning hours.  Good friends, and a good ghost story or two is all anyone really needs for a great camping experience.

That is, unless you want to take things to the next level. This tent puts a brand new twist on the camping experience, marrying comfort and simplicity in a way that we had never seen before.

Looks like he’s pitching a normal tent, and while it does work on the ground… 

tent hammock 1

It can also be turned into a stylish and comfortable hammock. 

tent hammock 2

Just think , no more sleeping on rocks or wet ground. Zip yourself in and enjoy a great night’s sleep. 

tent hammock 3

All you need to set up the four pound tent are two trees. 

tent hammock 4

And they can be anywhere! So, why not sleep above a stream? 

tent hammock 5

It’s so private and relaxing. 

tent hammock 6

The tents were specifically designed to avoid impact on the environment and as long as the trees used are healthy and sturdy, no harm done. 

tent hammock 7

And you don’t have to be camping to put your hammock tent to good use. They work great for any outdoor sleeping experience. 

tent hammock 8

Even dogs approve of them! 

tent hammock 9

So, next time you make plans to relax among the trees, with this tent it will truly be an experience unlike any other.  

tent hammock 10(Source)

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