Top 10 Best Teeth Whitening Alternatives For A Movie Star Smile

It’s no wonder that bright, white teeth are sought after by people of all ages. Most of the treatments and products for teeth whitening are expensive and some require regular trips to the dentist. However, with these easy, effective home remedies, anyone can have pearly, white teeth.

#1. The inside of a banana peel.

One of the oldest whitening hacks is to rub the inside of a banana’s peel on your teeth for 2 minutes.
teeth whitening tricks 1

#2. Strawberry and baking soda paste.

Mash a strawberry with baking soda, spread on teeth. Let it sit for five minutes. Rinse and brush as usual.
teeth whitening tricks 2

#3. Whitening toothpaste.

Though it makes you go against the recommendation, it is surprisingly effective.
teeth whitening tricks 3

#4. Burnt toast.

Toast some bread to a burnt crisp. You don’t have to eat them, just rub them on your teeth for three minutes. Make sure to brush afterwards.
teeth whitening tricks 4

#5. Hydrogen peroxide and Listerine.

Mix equal portions of Listerine and hydrogen peroxide to gargle with for a whole minute. After rinsing, brush your teeth with a mixture of toothpaste, baking soda and half teaspoon of water.
teeth whitening tricks 5

#6. Safe home remedies.

Hydrogen peroxide does substantial damage if used more than recommended, so proceed with caution.
teeth whitening tricks 6

#7. Activated charcoal.

Add a teaspoon of water into a cup along with teaspoon of charcoal powder. Let it sit and form a paste. Apply it to your teeth and leave it there for 15 minutes. It comes with some cautions but the results are definitely worth it!
teeth whitening tricks 7

#8. How charcoal helps whiten teeth.

The natural adhesive of the charcoal paste binds with surface stains that come off when you spit it out. This is also the condition that burnt toast attempts to recreate.
teeth whitening tricks 8

#9. Charcoal does not whiten.

On its own, it only removes stains, so if your teeth is already yellow that odds are they will stay that way.
teeth whitening tricks 9

#10. Bananas are so good for you.

Other than for rubbing purposes, actually eating them can improve your dental health too.
teeth whitening tricks 10

#11. Natural minerals.

The minerals found in banana peel will strengthen your teeth.
teeth whitening tricks 11

#12. Whitening trays.

This is one of the most popular products out there. It uses peroxide and is left on the surface of the teeth for a designated duration.
teeth whitening tricks 12

#13. Bleach.

That is the effect of peroxide; removing surface stains as well as the color of the teeth.
teeth whitening tricks 13

#14. Natural stain remover

Apart from those nutrients, strawberries also contain an enzyme called mallic acid that removes stains.
teeth whitening tricks 14

#15. Diet affects the teeth.

The Academy of General Dentistry has issued that a healthy diet is detrimental to good dental health, which is why bananas are top contenders in dental benefits.
teeth whitening tricks 15

#16. The hazard of chemical-based teeth whitener.

Although effective, using peroxide through pharmacy products may impose on your dental health in the long run.
teeth whitening tricks 16

#17. Using hydrogen peroxide effectively

Unlike whitening strips that can be quite costly, buying a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide to mix into your own whitening paste can last longer at a cheaper price. Plus you can add baking soda.
teeth whitening tricks 17

#18. Activated charcoal uses peroxide as well.

In order to whiten the teeth, charcoal still needs to have a bleaching agent.
teeth whitening tricks 18

#19. No approval by the ADA.

Despite its effectiveness, the ADA has yet to endorse this element into routine use.
teeth whitening tricks 19


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