A Man Overhears Two Teens Ridiculing This House. What Follows Next Is Unthinkable…

Every day, Josh Cygnaik meets his coworkers across the street from Leonard Bullock’s house. The group then heads to work at the Union Pacific Railroad, but not before 35-year-old Cyganik waves at 75-year-old Bullock, a man who loves nothing more than hanging out on his front porch. Theirs was a casual, simple acquaintance, until a day in late June changed everything.

Cyganik was on his way to work when he heard two teenagers insulting Bullock’s home. “Look at this crappy house,” one said. “They should just burn it down.” Cygnaik watched Bullock’s head drop, and knew that the elderly man had heard the mean comments. It was time to take action.

This is Bullock’s home. It’s definitely fallen into disrepair over the years, but the structure is sound. 

teens ridiculed house 1

Josh uploaded a picture of the house to Facebook and shared what he’d overheard. It wasn’t long before the post had over 6,000 shares. 

On July 18th, nearly 100 volunteers showed up to work on Bullock’s house. Some brought gifts, such as patio furniture, while businesses such as Starbucks donated water and iced tea. A local lumber company even pitched in to help build a new porch! 

teens ridiculed house 2

By the end of the day, Bullock’s home had been completely transformed. He will definitely be proud to sit on this front porch. 

teens ridiculed house 3

And let’s not forget, he also gained a fabulous new friend. Thanks for inspiring us all to truly love our neighbors, Josh. 

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