17-Year-Old Girl Dies Saving A Friend. But It All Made Sense When They Found This Letter…

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17-year-old Rebecca Townsend was a typical high school girl. She was kind, funny, hardworking and well liked.  Because she passionately believed in giving to others, she founded her high school’s chapter of She’s the First, an organization that sponsored education for girls in low-income countries,

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She graduated from high school and in the fall she was supposed to attend Notre Dame University. While preparing for the next chapter of her life, she had been looking back at the letter she wrote to her future self as part of a project while she was a sophomore. It was returned to her at graduation and in the letter she included a three item bucket list.

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1.       Kiss In The Rain
2.       Fly to Spain
3.       Save a Life

According to her cousin, her parents took her on a vacation to Spain and she shared a rainy kiss with her boyfriend. On July 2nd, she also finished the third item on her list.

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She was walking home from watching fireworks with her friend Benjamin Arne, when she noticed they were in danger. A car was headed straight for them and wasn’t slowing down. Rebecca acted quickly and pushed Benjamin out of the way, taking the brunt of the impact herself. He survived the accident with serious injuries but is recovering. Rebecca sadly, died as a result of the collision.

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Rebecca was a passionate, selfless person and was always giving to others. In her short 17 years, she was able to accomplish everything on her bucket list and made a huge impact on everyone around her. In honor of her achievements, Notre Dame started a fundraiser in her name. All proceeds raised will go to She’s The First.


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