With These Simple Steps You Can Make The Cutest Summer Top

Let’s all be honest for a minute – who doesn’t have a huge pile of t-shirts they never wear? While donating old jeans, shoes and other clothing can be refreshing, t-shirts are sentimental in a way that other items are not. Whether you got them from your favorite band, sports team or TV show, there’s a good reason that you just can’t bear to part with them.

Instead of letting them clog up your drawers, try out this hack from Handimania. You might recognize the star of the video as the same lady who taught us how to make a shirt from an old pair of leggings. Today, she demonstrates how to turn an old t-shirt into an item you are excited to wear again, and best of all, there is no sewing machine required. All you need is a safety pin and a pair of scissors.


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