These Sisters Were Serving As Surrogates, When An Unexpected Turn Of Events Stunned Everyone…

Tanya and Dan Ratcliff wanted to have a large family, and did everything they could to try and live that dream. They went through long months of surgery, fertility treatments, and in vitro fertilization attempts, until finally, the doctors concluded that Tanya’s uterus would not likely be capable of supporting a full-term pregnancy.

But their story doesn’t end here…

Tanya’s two sisters, Tara and Cassie, were with her when the doctor delivered the devastating news and in the parking lot of the fertility clinic, the sisters told Tanya that they had a plan. “I was sitting in the front seat crying, and they both said, ‘somebody in this car is gonna have your baby by the end of the year,’ ” Tanya recounts.

And they did. Both sisters successfully became gestational surrogates for the Ratcliffs. Tara was due to have a girl in April 2012, and Cassie was due to deliver a boy in July. “To be able to have two children, with all the limitations I had, just blows my mind,” Tanya said.

A month after Tara gave birth to Lucy, the Ratcliffs took their first family vacation together and Tanya wasn’t feeling well.  When they got home, she visited her doctor discovered that, finally, she was pregnant. “Knowing that we had one, and then one on the way, and then another one in the oven, it was like, oh my goodness!” recalls Dan.

Cassie gave birth to the couple’s second child, Connor, a few months later. Tanya’s child, a boy, was due that December. Tanya said, “My sister Tara always says, who knew, when I had Lucy, that three of us were pregnant with your kids?”


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