Unique Organization Tips Using Pegboards

Keeping your home organized and tidy can sometimes feel like a challenge. Especially if you happen to have younger kids, the perpetual mess and clutter can almost seem overwhelming. There are countless solutions available that can help with home organization, but they are often expensive.

Pegboards are one of the cheaper storage and organizing solutions that are available. When most people think of pegboards, however, what typically comes to mind is storing tools in a workshop or shed.

These useful items have many more applications and, with a few simple tricks, they can be used anywhere in the home.

1. When hung in the kitchen, pegboards can be a great solution if you are short on space for cookware.
stylish uses for pegboards 1

2. Add some legs to a strip of pegboard to create an elegant table centerpiece that perfectly holds fresh flowers.
stylish uses for pegboards 2

3. A box made of pegboard is a great way to store items. Smaller items that would normally go inside the box can be hung on the outside. This way you don’t have to dig around to find them.
stylish uses for pegboards 3

4. Pegboards don’t have to be an ugly sight. Try painting them creatively so that they match the room.
stylish uses for pegboards 4

5. Use small pieces of pegboard to create dividers in dressers and drawers.
stylish uses for pegboards 5

6. With pegboard lining in a kitchen drawer, it is possible to use pegs to keep dishes and bowls organized.
stylish uses for pegboards 6

7. Love to sew? Pegboards can help keep all the supplies at hand but out of the way.
stylish uses for pegboards 7

8. It can even be used in the bedroom to spruce things up.
stylish uses for pegboards 8

9. Finding space for mugs is a common problem. Why not try hanging them like this?
stylish uses for pegboards 9

10. If knitting is your hobby, try using a pegboard to organize yarn by color.
stylish uses for pegboards 10

11. Pegboards can be used to display artwork without drilling numerous holes into your walls.
stylish uses for pegboards 11


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