He Surprises His Parents With This Memorable Gift

When Joe and Beverly Smith first got married, the car that they had owned was a 1948 Plymouth convertible. The couple eventually had to sell their beauty when Joe was drafted into the Korean War. Nevertheless, talk of the car never ceased throughout the years. The fond memories of their old ‘48 never seemed to fade!

Fast forward to their 60th wedding anniversary. Their son Joel wanted to make this day incredibly special, and I don’t know if you could ever top what he ended up doing. Joel actually scoured the earth for an identical 1948 Plymouth convertible that his parents had loved so darn much, hoping to gift them the ultimate wedding anniversary present. From what he was able to gather, Joel ended up discovering that there were only 4 of these cars left!

Two of them had been sold. One was in a museum.

And what about the fourth? Check out this video to find out what actually happens and how all the pieces end up falling perfectly together!


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